1871 30th June – Head of the town council´s proposal for a local brewery was approved.
1872 The cornerstone was set on 8th April. Work on the building progressed and cellars began to be vaulted on 4th May.
1873 Production started in the second half of the year as planned. The construction of the brewery was closely watched by nearly the whole town and many people went for walks to Montace to check progress at the site.
The first batch of beer in the new brewery began to be brewed on 3rd October by Antonín Lutz.
In October, 17 batches were brewed in total, of which ten were10° and seven 11° beer.
In November, there were 31 batches of 10° beer. In the brewery´s first period (roughly until the late 19th century), mainly 10° and 11° beer was brewed. Stronger beers (12° and 13°) were rarely brewed – usually before Christmas and Easter.
1887 Náchodský Granát Dark beer was introduced.
1908 The first specialty beer was brewed - 15% Salvator dark beer.
1925 The popularity of Náchod beer increased, and operation was extended from 1925 – 1930 and a new brewhouse was built.
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