Limited edition hoppy days brew

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2016´s third limited brew has been released for the Czech beer days starting this week.

Hoppy - Špringl is mid-fermented lager with a rich golden colour and refined bitterness at the very finish, ABV 4,5%.

Our Hoppy lager is a unique brew of traditional Czech lager, brewed in the old time treble mash method. At the very end of the wort the boiling additional fresh green hops were added. The hops came from this year´s crop from our own hop fields at Polepska Blata, Žatec region.

Our Master Brewer, Petr Kaluza will ceremoniously tap the first keg on Náchod town square in front of the town hall on Thursday 22nd September, 2016.

This limited edition was dedicated to Mr. Špringl, hop grower from Polepská Blata who was made Knight of the Order of Hops in France. It will be distributed to more than 12 countries. Over 150 Czech pubs will be serving Špringl. Find your Czech pub here.

Catch our short 4-part video from HOPPY brewing on our web site, facebook or youtube.

Don´t worry - be hoppy!

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