Náchod flavored beer CHIPPER with a new flavor


The brewery Náchod has launched a new flavored beer CHIPPER with a juicy flavor of pear and ginger. The basis of the drink with lower alcohol content is top-fermented wheat beer mixed with fruit-based pear and ginger soft drink with a predominant share of fresh pear.

The harmonious combination of selected fruits along with pale yeast beer creates the perfect refreshing drink that you will appreciate on hot days, when having fun with friends or during sport activities.  The drink is not only for beer lovers searching for a new taste, but also for women, young people and all active consumers who seek refreshment, want to gain power, while staying fit and well-tuned. Indeed, the very name CHIPPER means lively, agile and nimble.

CHIPPER pear and ginger is the second flavored beer, which has been brewed in Náchod. The brand of flavored beers CHIPPER was introduced to the market last spring and the first flavor was red grapefruit.

The Brewery PRIMÁTOR PLC. as one of the largest Czech producer of wheat beer bet on a combination of fruit ingredients with aromatic wheat beer and the resulting delicious taste of the beverages is worth trying.

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