The Brewery Náchod in new look

brewery courtyard PRIMÁTOR

Major construction work in the Náchod Brewery PRIMÁTOR is expected this year and after years of reconstructions it will undergo changes leading to its final appearance. The whole front wall of the brewery facing the street Dobrošovská is going to get absolutely new look. The lodge building is also going to be completely rebuilt, the entrance to the brewery extended and the building will become a modern training center. Completion of the storage space has been commenced in the grounds. The brewery, known for its wide portfolio of specialities, will thereby solve at least partially one of its painful spots, a lack of storage capacity.

In order to preserve for the brewery supporters one of the largest and most popular Náchod events, Day with the Brewery PRIMÁTOR, there is an exceptional change in date of the event due to the ongoing reconstruction this year. The traditional May date is postponed to the very end of summer, to Saturday 14th September. So all fans, supporters and those who annually go to the brewery can look forward not only to the new look of their favorite brewery, but also to a range of attractive musical groups. Among the performers also a very popular band Charlie Straight or a popular singer and actor Jiří Schmitzer are going to appear this year.

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