Triumph of Náchod beer specials

background with PIRMÁTOR's beers PRIMÁTOR Polotmavý and PRIMÁTOR Stout

The Brewery PRIMÁTOR PLC. scored in the fourth year of the competition of special and unusual beers with a new name CEREVISIA SPECIALIS - BEER SPECIAL 2013. Results of a single-round competition were announced at the international agricultural fair Bread Basket in 2013, which traditionally takes place in České Budějovice.

Even two special beers produced by the brewery Nachod were awarded gold medals. PRIMÁTOR® Stout won 1st place in the most numerous occupied category of unusual beers. PRIMÁTOR® Stout is a top-fermented dark lager made from four types of malt, roasted barley, unmalted barley and original British malts.

PRIMÁTOR® semi-dark 13% was awarded the most valued medal in the category of semi-dark and dark specials. This delightful semi-dark special is one of the most appreciated Náchod beers.

You can come and taste both winning beers, but not only those, on Saturday 14th September, when we organize the traditional Day with the Brewery PRIMÁTOR. The event takes place in the grounds of the brewery from 11 am and on stage you can hear such bands as UDG, a songwriter Jiří Schmitzer or a very popular band Charlie Straight and many more.

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