PRIMÁTOR Weizenbier as absolute winner in a prestigious the World Beer Awards 2013

PRIMÁTOR Weizebier - world's best beer - 2013

Weizenbier – World´s best lager, overall winner in WBA 2013. This has been an incredible achievement for our Brewery. Primátor Weizenbier has been crowned by the international, highly respected judging panel. Beers have been blind tasted by judges and the competition was among 600 entries from over 30 countries in the annual WBA. The styles, subcategory and category winners are announced. And this year they named PRIMÁTOR Weizenbier an absolute winner. Awesome....

… it has been a fantastic achievement that may not be repeated in the future , moreover among wheat beers which dominate in German breweries. It has been a lovely expression of appreciation of our efforts, where our  long term strategy in bringing new styles and beers to the Czech market is built upon the art of brewing,….“ said Josef Hlavaty, director of PRIMÁTOR.

“…Enticing nose…..hazy, rich and smooth….Fantastic mouthfeel and body …. Very refreshing and well carbonated…... Good balance of sweetness and bitterness with spicy lingering finish….. “ a part of the official tasting notes.

Fantastic, awesome, excellent news, well done... Great reactions from our current customers. It up to us to carry on and to sell it well. It is a great encouragement for all of us at Primator and a perfect reference for bringing future business:” said Romana Jansová, export manager.

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