A new entrance, a new beer-it was the Day with the Brewery PRIMÁTOR

the crowds at the Day with brewery PRIMÁTOR

A new special beer called Čtrnácterák, superb music and great fun waited for visitors of the traditional Day with the Brewery PRIMÁTOR last Saturday. Adverse weather got better with the opening of the gate at eleven o'clock, the rain stopped and the first guest, a singer Jiří Schmitzer, sounded the strings of his guitar and entertained the audience with his fun lyrics.
The guys from Ukulele Troublemakers had a harder entrance to the podium. The players on small instruments ukulele had no regards. "There is good fun even with a small instrument , even if not every girl believes it," said one of them. Great atmosphere full of energy , in which the musicians gave the performance, culminated and the audience of Ukulele Troublemakers did not want to let them leave the stage.
A performance of another great bunch of lads - Charlie Straight at the end of the show was a cherry on top. This is a band led by a frontman Albert Černý, who is characterized by unaffected exhibition. Young girls under the stage were impressed. Albert Černý revealed that although he practically does not drink beer, when he does, he likes the yeast one. In Náchod he liked Weizenbier. The town Náchod was no stranger to the band. "Náchod is a very important town for me. The bassist Jan and I came here once from high school to ´Prima sezóna´ before the time we played in Charlie Straight. We were here two years in a row and attended seminars with jazz musicians, we played in the square ´U Beránka´, " remembers Albert Černý.
Visitors of the Day with the Brewery PRIMÁTOR could taste new beer ČTRNÁCTERÁK that was symbolically christened on stage in the afternoon by a business brewer Pavel Kořínek who added: "We try to come to the market with some news each year, so we decided to offer something stronger for the colder months to come. We brewed pale Čtrnáctka with special hops, the full flavor is very well combined with hunting gastronomy , hence its apt name ČTRNÁCTERÁK (which means Imperial Stag)". During a period of about two months it will be available as a seasonal beer only on tap in pubs, especially in selected gastro pubs cooperating with the brewery.
The Brewery PRIMÁTOR also showed the newly renovated entrance and the front wall facing toward the heart of the town Náchod. The entrance with a large logo of the brewery attracts you from afar now. The Mayor of Náchod, Jan Birke, came to personally compliment the director on the new design. "Although there was the final approval at the end of August, handover took place last week. I must say that I have seen a lot of positive feedback. It's a matter of opinion and it depends on tastes of everyone, but I think that the view of the brewery is finally respectable now. The brewery is now visible at first glance and the new entrance is one of the memorable architectural elements. At least according to my acquaintances, everyone likes it, though I have also heard two critical voices," adds with a smile director Hlavatý.
The Day with the Brewery PRIMÁTOR has been held in the grounds of the brewery continuously for more than 15 years, only this year because of the aforementioned term of the reconstruction it was postponed from May to September. But the next year, we will return the date of the event to the spring again and we will be pleased if people from Náchod, but also from nearby and distant regions, who are used to visiting us regularly, find the way back to the brewery.

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