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A refreshing grapefruit-flavoured wheat beer with a distinctively fruity flavour and the pleasant bitter taste of pink grapefruit.
Type of beer top-fermented flavoured wheat beer
Alcohol content 2 % abv
Ingredients pale top-fermented wheat beer, grapefruit-flavoured citrus concentrate, carbonated and pasteurized
Packs available
0,5 l
20 l - PET
Awards This beer won 3 awards

CHIPPER is a refreshing drink with a distinctive fruity flavor and the pleasant bitter taste of pink grapefruit highlighting the lingering hoppiness of wheat beer. The uniquely fresh taste of grapefruit combined with aromatic wheat beer makes the perfect fresh fizzy drink for hot summer days or social and sports events. The drink is not only for beer lovers looking for a new taste, but also for women, young people, and anyone who seeks refreshment and energy while staying fit and chipper. Best served at a temperature of 6 - 7° C with a slice of fresh citrus fruit.

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