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Primátor Nealko (non-alcoholic)

PRIMÁTOR Nealko (non-alcoholic)
Low-alcohol lightly fermented beer with a hint of bitterness and a refreshing taste.
Type of beer low-alcohol beer
Alcohol content 0,5 % abv
Ingredients water, barley malt, Saaz hops
Packs available
0,5 l
Awards This beer won 24 awards

First produced at the Náchod brewery in 1983, it nearly matches the character of classic beer. From the beginning, the intention was to create an alcohol-free beer which does not deprive the customer of the great taste of beer. Our brewery pioneered its production and was the second in the country to do so. Since then the technology has been modified several times to fit more demanding tastes. The beer has a sandy golden hue and bright white head. It is lightly fermented and tastes significantly of the malt of southern Moravia. Best served very cold - at 6 ° C.

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