TOP LINE Multipack 8 x 0,5 l

Multipack Top line

A unique offering of our premier top fermented brews in one gift pack.
2x PRIMÁTOR Weizenbier
2x PRIMÁTOR English Pale Ale
2x PRIMÁTOR India Pale Ale

TOP LINE Multipack 4 x 0,5 l

Multipack Top line

A unique offering of our premier top fermented brews in one gift pack.
1x PRIMÁTOR Weizenbier
1x PRIMÁTOR English Pale Ale
1x PRIMÁTOR India Pale Ale

7 zlatých (The Golden 7 giftpack)

gift pack PRIMÁTOR The Golden 7

A great selection of PRIMATOR´s most awarded beers (seven gold medals) is now available.
You can sample PRIMÁTOR Světlý, PRIMÁTOR Ležák 11 °, PRIMÁTOR Premium, PRIMÁTOR Premium Dark, PRIMÁTOR Polotmavý 13°, PRIMÁTOR Exkluziv 16°, and PRIMÁTOR Weizenbier.
Classic lagers as well as speciality beers are packed in a box of seven 0,5l returnable bottles NRW.

Gurmet set

Multipack Top line

A unique offering of two top fermented beers Weizenbier and India Pale Ale, complemented by luxurious stemmed glass with an original design.
1x PRIMÁTOR Weizenbier
1x PRIMÁTOR India Pale Ale
1x sklenice Hamburg 0,3 l
vratné láhve NRW 0,5 l

MIX and MATCH Multipack 8 x 0,5l

MIX and MATCH Multipack 8x0,5l

Create your multipack! Details at any sale point available.

Premium 8 x 0.5 l multipack

gift pack PRIMÁTOR Premium multipack

8x PRIMATOR Premium in returnable bottles NRW 0.5 l. 
Classic Náchod lager with a sparkling golden color and ring-leaving white foam is the pride of our Master Brewer, who selects only the best ingredients. Pale lager Premium is suitable for all occasions. Simply anytime you really want to enjoy premium beer with a brisk taste. It is perfect with grilled meat, salads, and steaks.

Semi-dark multipack

gift pack PRIMÁTOR Semi-dark multipack

8x PRIMATOR 13% special Semi-dark in returnable bottles NRW 0.5 liters. Popular among beer connoisseurs and women of fine taste. A special semi-dark medium fermented amber-colored lager,  characterized by a light sweet caramel flavor and aroma, refreshing brisk taste, a medium body and  delicate bitterness. A long lasting pale thick creamy head is typical of this beer. Suitable on festive occasions to accompany spicy dishes, poultry or grilled fish.



12x 330 ml CHIPPER Grapefruit flavoured beer with a low alcohol content (2% abv.) 
CHIPPER is a refreshing drink with a distinctive fruity flavor and the pleasant bitter taste of pink grapefruit highlighting the lingering hoppiness of wheat beer. The uniquely fresh taste of grapefruit combined with aromatic wheat beer makes the perfect fresh fizzy drink for hot summer days or social and sports events. Best served at a temperature of 6 - 7° C with a slice of fresh citrus fruit.

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