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PRIMÁTOR Rytířský label
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PRIMÁTOR Double label

Primátor Rytířský

A medium-fermented beer with a full body, a delicate distinctive bitterness, high brisk taste and pure hop aroma.
Type of beer special pale beer
Alcohol content 9 % abv
Ingredients water, barley malt, Saaz hops, wheat malt, sugar
Packs available
0,5 l
15 l
30 l
Awards This beer won 3 awards

This extraordinary top class medium-fermented beer is made for modern real beer knights. The high concentration of natural energy from malt and alcohol content (9%) guarantee an exceptional taste experience even from drinking a small glass. It is the strongest pale beer in The Czech Republic, characterized by a honey-sweet taste whose uniqueness lies in the use of wheat malt to enrich and soften the taste. The high content of Saaz hops brings a delicate bitterness which aids digestion and  is therefore suitable as a digestive. You can smell the aroma from the pleasantly foamy head which covers the golden-ginger brew. Quality is guaranteed by slow three months maturation. Serve in champagne flutes with strongly flavored cheeses and pâtés.

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