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Primátor Stout

A top-fermented beer with the distinctive flavor of roasted barley, intense bitterness, a fruity smooth body, and creamy foam.
Type of beer top-fermented dark Anglo-Irish style beer
Alcohol content 4,7 % abv
Ingredients water, barley malt, oats, blended English hops
Packs available
0,5 l
15 l
30 l
Awards This beer won 10 awards

Primátor Stout is prepared by top fermentation using four types of barley malt, roasted barley and oats. The hops come from the English county of Kent. The yeast and the original technological process are also of British origin. A dark rich beer with the strong flavor of roasted barley, an intense bitterness, a fruity smooth body and creamy foam is the result. It goes best with seafood, oysters, sardines and smoked fish. It also goes well with steaks, ham, smoked meats, and barbecued foods.  It is also delicious with chocolate nut desserts and ice cream. Stout can be used in cookery for marinating meat and preparing chocolate mousse and creams. The serving temperature should be 8 - 12°C, when all the flavors and aromas typical of Stout are the most developed.

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